Mystic Sunless Tan

  • Paraben-Free Ingredients
  • ZERO UVA/UVB Exposure
  • Anti-Oxidants in the Formula
  • Lasts up to two weeks
  • Many skin tone choices
  • The only spray tan with HD drier
  • Color Pod Fee per session is $8

Renu offers Mystic HD Sunless Spray Tans

Every Salon, tanning salon and day spa around has spray tanning these days – but very few have the one and only Mystic HD Sunless. Renu is one of only a few locations in Florida that had the High Definition Spray Tan System.

Not to be confused with the generic imitators, Mystic HD Sunless in an automated Spray Tan System that uses heat in combination with a paraben-free formulation that is enriched with anti-oxidants. So, not only are you avoiding UVA/UVB exposure, you are also getting a formulation that is low-impact and toxin-free. Aside from the formulation, Mystic HD Sunless also has heated application and drying system. The application of HEAT does a lot more than make the experience more comfortable – it also allows the DHA to penetrate deeper and combine with you skin’s natural undertones. This makes the color look more natural without the strange orange hues that most generic spray tans are known for.

Because everything that we do at Renu is science-based, we even have taken the extra lengths to certify our facility and our associates in High Definition Spray Tanning. Mystic Sunless is widely used by celebrities and people in the television and film industries because of it’s customizable formulations. The color capsules come in various levels and have a variety of additives, accelerators and bronzing agents as well as aroma therapy that can customized according to each individual’s skin tone and preferences. But, there is a science to combining these agents which can be riddled with disaster when compounded incorrectly. Renu Associates all take Mystic Sunless certification and then get continuously educated about the science of skincare and how sunless spray tanning works with our bodies.

When you are looking for instant results in a beauty treatment that will make you feel good about your looks, Mystic HD Sunless is the way to go. One session can change your tone to a point that can instantly slim you down, brighten you up and make you red-carpet ready.

Mystic HD Sunless Spray tan can be booked by the session at Renu 7 days a week. Renu also offers Mystic HS package pricing and offers Sunless Tanning as a benefit to our membership program.